Life Stories

My name is Gloria and I used to see Pat and Biskitt at the dog park. She didn't care much for socializing with the other dogs but preferred to greet every human in the vicinity in between her extensive and thorough sniffing of the grounds. One day when I was feeling blue and my dog was off paying with the others, Biskitt came trotting up to me. I know it sounds crazy, but I really think she sensed my mood and knew I could use a friend. She sat next to me, looking up at me with her soulful eyes as if to say, "It's okay, you're not alone, thing will get better." With her by my side, my mood lifted and just when I started feeling better, she jumped up, gave a little goodbye bark, and went running back to Pat--stopping along the way to greet a young couple with a baby and a rambunctious Lab whom she ignored. Animals touch emotions inside of you that humans cannot. Their devotion, unconditional love and enthusiasm are unique and beautiful. Pat, please know that we are all thinking of you as you mourn the passing of your friend, Biskitt. She lives on in our memories.

My name is Emily and Biskitt lived next door to me. I am 7 years old. Biskitt was the sweetest dog in town. She loved giving kisses. She would sit for me and give me her paw for a cookie. I used to visit her and pet her soft fur and she would wag her tail when she saw me coming. I will miss her a lot. Here is a picture of my two friends, Pat and Biskitt.